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Wireless Accessories

H2O7 Waterproof Dual Ear Headset Mic

MUST BE PURCHASED FROM ORIGINAL SPECIAL PROJECTS AUDIO WEBSITE! Flimsy headset mics can become damaged or break during fitness routines. Often times, too much perspiration and moisture can also cause problems. Designed specifically for the demanding environment of the fitness industry – the H2O7 features a durable, lightweight, comfortable headset design that stays in place even during the most rigorous fitness routines. Its “work horse” reputation make the H2O the preferred choice for fitness facilities, providing years of dependable service even under the most rigorous use. The noise canceling element provides articulate sound reproduction while minimizing annoying feedback. The H2O7 is the only IP67-rated waterproof headworn microphone with an exclusive detachable cable feature – the IP67 specification means that the H2O7 is waterproof and tested at a depth of 1 meter for a minimum of 30 minutes, also making the headset completely unaffected by sweat. Don’t let a worn headset mic cable be your downfall during a fitness class routine. Sometimes a headset mic is still perfectly fine, but a worn mic cable prevents it from working. The replaceable cable feature prevents any downtime due to cable damage, while saving time and money.  Simply replace the detachable cable and be ready for your next class in minutes rather than experiencing costly “down time” by having to send the entire mic in for repair. The versatile H2O7 can be wired to work with most major wireless brands. The exclusive feature set of the H2O7 from Special Projects Audio make it an industry standard for fitness instructors, worldwide. Rugged, lightweight headset design stays in place during rigorous fitness routines. Waterpoof / sweatproof construction - IP-67 moisture and dust rated Noise canceling element helps reduce feedback Flexible Gooseneck Mic Boom Clear professional, Articulate Sound Quality Reinforced strain relief protects the mic/headband from rust Comfortable Dual Ear Rubber coated steel Headband Design with adjustment strap for stable, sturdy fit. Exclusive User-replaceable cable eliminates costly downtime Also available in black Designed for Fitness Instructors. Ideal for Gym, Teachers, Aerobics, Yoga, Referee and Dance.

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Wireless Directional Antenna used to decrease interference to other equipment.  Frequency range 500-900MHz The UHF wide-band (500-900 MHZ) directional LPDA (log periodic dipole array) antenna reduces outside interference while providing increased send/receive signal range. Each antenna paddle is matched to 50 ohms impedance with a low-loss BNC connector; 7dBi gain. Professional wireless antenna for permanent or temporary installation; mounts to 5/8"-27 threads. It is suggested that the angle between the paddle antenna and the thransmitter should be from 90º to 120º. Normally the effective range can reach about 300'. 500-900 MHz LPDA antenna 7dBi gain Can mount to mic stand Improves Range

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This affordable lav mic comes standard with the ECM, PSE, TRC, DHT, DHX, CTS, & Traveler Lavalier Systems. The LV-U3BK unidirectional lapel microphone works with Galaxy Audio transmitters. Uni-Directional Lapel / Lavalier TA3F Connector

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LV13-UBK Uni-Directional Lav

This uni-directional lavalier microphone comes as a standard option with the EDX Lavalier Systems. ●  Uni-Directional ●  Lapel / Lavalier ●  Standard with EDX

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HS-U3BK Uni Headset

This uni-directional headset comes standard with the ECM, PSE, TRC, DHT, DHX, CTS, & Traveler Headset Systems. It's comfortable wrap around design goes over both ears and helps ensure that this mic will stay in place. The HS-U3BK uni headset microphone can be wired to work with transmitters made by Galaxy Audio®, Shure®, Sennheiser®, AKG®, and Audio Technica®, as well as most other brands of wireless microphone systems. Uni directional headset microphone Hooks over both ears

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HS13-UBK Headset

The Galaxy Audio HS13-UBK uni-directional headset comes as a standard option with the EDX Headset System. Its comfortable wrap-around design goes over both ears and helps ensure that this mic will stay in place. ●  Uni-Directional ●  Hooks Over Both Ears ●  Standard with EDX ●  TRS 3.5mm connector

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