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Assistive Listening


The EB6 features a single driver delivering full frequency performance. The Galaxy Audio EB6 has a cable over 4 feet long and the ear buds weigh 6g (less than 0.25 oz; excluding cable). The EB6 in-ear wired single driver earphones include a durable plastic carrying case with three pairs of Silicon Sleeves (small, medium and large). Wideband Dyna Driver ear buds reproduce the full frequency range with natural mids, full highs, and rich bass. They allow musicians to monitor their mix with full detail. Three different sized pairs of silicon sleeves are provided for best fit and sound isolation. Ergonomic mechanical structure ensures long time, low fatigue use.

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EB4 Stereo Personal In-Ear Monitoring earbuds with single titanium drivers

The Galaxy Audio EB4 are the standard earphones for Wireless Personal Monitors. The EB4 includes three pairs of Silicon sleeves (small, medium, and large) for fit and comfortable use. The EB4 Ear Buds have a standard 3.5mm stereo jack, allowing them to be used with any brand of Wireless Personal Monitor or MP3 Player. Stereo Personal Monitoring Earbuds Single Titanium Drivers High Fidelity with Extended Bass Light and Comfortable Aluminum Alloy Construction Durable Cable

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