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Installation Speakers

LA4DPM Line Array

This LA4DPM Series Permanent Mount Powered Line Array speaker is the latest in the line of CORE speakers from Galaxy Audio. With an integrated 100 watt amplifier, the Galaxy Audio LA4DPM Line Array Installation speaker is designed to take advantage of the unique sound dispersion characteristics of multiple stacked drivers. The vertical line array design allows for maximum coverage from a slim, unobtrusive speaker cabinet. The LA4DPM Line Array PA speaker is designed for permanent installation with built in mounting points. Self contained and with a small footprint, the LA4DPM wall speaker is the perfect solution for hassle free PA installations, even in acoustically challenging rooms. The LA4DPM has both an XLR input with +48 volt phantom power, a balanced 1/4" input, and a 1/8" TRS summing input for MP3 players etc. With a two band EQ control and built in Compressor/Limiter.   Multiple mounting provisions Internal 100 Watt Amp +48V Phantom Power XLR, 1/4" and 1/8" Summing Input Built-In Compressor 2 Band EQ Can be Flown or Wall Mounted Universal Power Supply Vocal Clarity Light Weight 118 dB Output Solid wood construction

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CORE 12 2-way CR12

Integrated Pole Mount (black cabinets only) Integrated handle on the rear of the speaker 2 Twist-Lock parallel input jacks plus barrier terminal input. Paintable  

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LA4PM Line Arrray

The Galaxy Audio LA4PM Line Array is designed to take advantage of the unique sound dispersion characteristics of multiple stacked drivers. Line Arrays are becoming increasingly popular for both permanent installations and portable PA because of their ability to provide very targeted sound, even in acoustically challenging rooms.  The LA4PM line array speaker system model includes a 70volt transformer with screw terminal taps at 100w, 50w, 25w, 12.5w, 6.25w, and 3.125w, along with a 16-ohm terminal. This means the LA4PM is equally at home in both standard PA applications and distributed systems. The LA4PM line array PA system is rated at 125 watts @ 16 ohms. The LA4PM comes with many bracket-mounting provisions for mounting in a variety of ways. The LA4PM line array speaker is available in black or white and is perfect for house of worship, homes, or any fixed installation with or without a distributed system. Multiple mounting provisions Screw terminal taps 70 volt transformer w/7 taps  3-100watts, 125watts @ 16ohms Solid wood construction

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