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Compact Monitors

Galaxy Audio offers a variety of active (powered) or passive (un-powered) stage monitors including mic stand mounted monitors, keyboard, and floor wedge monitors. By minimizing the audio footprint and positioning the monitor closer to the performer, stage clutter and noise is drastically reduced for a more professional appearance and performance. The lightweight portability of Galaxy Audio Hot Spot compact monitors makes them ideal for gigging musicians and smaller stage venues. Galaxy Audio compact monitors also provide a solution as a portable PA speaker for small to medium venues.

PA6BT Active Full Range Compact Personal Stage Monitor

The original mic-stand-mountable Powered Hot Spot Full Range Compact Personal Monitor with controls right at your fingertips. Galaxy Audio’s PA6BT Powered Hot Spot continues to be the industry standard in compact near-field live stage vocal monitoring. By minimizing the audio footprint and positioning the monitor in closer proximity to the performer, stage clutter and noise are drastically reduced for a more professional appearance and performance. The lightweight portability of Galaxy Audio compact monitors makes them ideal for gigging musicians and smaller stage venues. The Powered HOT SPOT® PA6BT personal monitor focuses on live vocal reproduction. The need for a near-field vocal monitor became apparent as stage volumes became increasingly more difficult to control.  The Powered HOT SPOT® PA6BT offers the perfect solution for many live stage and portable PA applications. The PA6BT can be mounted on a microphone stand, positioning the monitor in closer proximity to the user and reducing feedback on stage. The mic stand socket and included mic stand adapter on the PA6BT are designed for use with most mic stands. The integrated handle, mic boom mount, and built-in bracket mount points, combined with the optional MBA (mic boom adaptor), allow a gooseneck or microphone boom to be mounted on top of the unit for a clean monitor set-up. Many performers purchase cumbersome 12" or 15" floor monitors, roll off the low end and crank up the volume in order to cut through the mix. The Full Range PA6BT’s front facing EQ allows the performer to boost the mid-range, and minimal distance to the performer reduces stage volume and feedback. Galaxy Audio Compact Monitors feature a small, lightweight design, making it easier to transport and is the perfect choice for audio clarity and articulation in hostile stage environments. The Original Near-Field Compact Personal Vocal Monitor is still the preferred choice by audio professionals worldwide. Built-in Bluetooth® with Performer Facing Volume Control 170-Watt built-in amplifier Freq. Response 80Hz - 18kHz Max SPL  118dB Two Way Speaker System: 6.5" Neodymium High Power Woofer 1.5" High-Efficiency Tweeter Two Channels with Performer Facing Volume Controls: CH.1 XLR / 1/4", CH.2 XLR / 1/4" & 1/8" -20dB Pad Switches on each XLR Input 3 Band EQ Performer Facing Controls Built-in Compressor/Limiter Pass-Through on each XLR Input Integrated Handle Mounting Point for Mic Boom and Bracket Mounts to Most Mic Stands MSA-1 Stand Adaptor Included The Details. The PA6BT takes full advantage of recent improvements in speaker and amplifier technology, making it the lightest, most powerful, and cleanest sounding compact PA system we have ever offered. Features include Bluetooth® technology with its own volume control, a 155-watt NEOLITE 6.5" Woofer, and our highly efficient 1.5" 60-watt Tweeter. XLR pass-through on both channels allows independent control of mics without affecting the signal sent to the house PA. A –20dB Pad switch on each XLR input ensures that even the hottest signals will be accepted without overdriving the inputs. An additional 1/8" Line input on Channel 2 will accept stereo or mono signals from sources including tape or digital media players as well as line-level instruments.  The two-way speaker system gives the PA6BT Powered Personal Monitor a much wider frequency response than earlier models. This means that full-range music, such as keyboards or backing tracks, will come through with solid bass and crisp highs. The enhanced frequency response makes the PA6BT a great stand-alone PA system for small club gigs, lectures, and A/V presentations. A simple adjustment of the 3-band EQ can tailor the response for singers who love the time-honored accentuated midrange of the classic Hot Spot vocal monitor. The PA6BT gives you the versatility you expect for diverse stage set-ups. The PA6BT comes equipped with a built-in high-tech Class D 170-watt amplifier, designed to handle the most demanding audio environments. This proven, robust design allows the PA6BT to function both as a stand-alone powered personal monitor system or a high-powered vocal monitor designed to cut through loud stage volumes. For larger gigs that require more coverage, simply patch from the Preamp Output to the main house PA, while using the PA6BT as your onstage monitor. The PA6BT also features a built-in 18dB Compressor/Limiter circuit with Compressor and Clip LEDs. The Compressor acts to smooth out transient peaks in the audio signal, resulting in improved overall sound quality and perceived volume. The Limiter is designed to protect the woofer and tweeter from possible damage caused by amplifier distortion. The Clip LED indicates when a reduction in volume is recommended. "After years of wishing for a small powered speaker for my small private gigs and rehearsals, my dreams have been answered a hundredfold. The Galaxy PA6S is simply the best small monitoring system that I have ever heard that is on the market today. I am able to play 6-7 note Full piano chords, organ and synth leads at sustained high levels without ANY distortion, yet maintaining a brilliant clarity that fills rooms much larger than I thought capable of.  Nothing… I mean NOTHING, gets close!  I am a Galaxy fan for Life!" Rubén Valtierra Keyboard Director w/Weird Al Yankovic since 1991

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The Galaxy Audio GPS-8 full range personal monitor PA system packs huge sound while remaining compact and versatile. The GPS-8 is a full range powered, 200 watt, two-way, compact PA speaker system with a unique asymmetrical shape which allows for wedge placement or pole mounting. Lack of low end response is a major drawback of most compact PA speakers. The Galaxy Audio GPS-8 addresses this need with a push button Bass Boost feature which enhances low end.  The Galaxy Audio GPS-8 has a mic/line switch, as well as a variable gain control, giving it the capability of accepting most any input level. The handy XLR/1/4" combo input jack accepts balanced and unbalanced signals. There is an LED to indicate when switched into mic level position. You can tell at a glance your input status via the green LED for signal input, and the red LED indicating the on board limiter is functioning and that the level should be reduced.  To make linking of units a breeze, an XLR pass-through jack is included. This is unaffected by the input level control, to make it simple to adjust levels of units independently. Other features of GPS-8 include: Lighted power switch, switchable 110V/220V mains power, integrated carry handle and a lightweight, durable, compact, attractive, housing. Four M8 threaded suspension points are also accessible for permanent mounting of the unit.  200 Watts Freq. Response (±3dB) 75Hz - 17.5kHz Sensitivity: 100dB, 1 W @ 1 m  8" Diameter Woofer, 1" Compression Driver Built-in Limiter Switchable Mic/Line Input (XLR/1/4" Combo) Bass Boost ABS Plastic, Steel Grill Integrated Handle Wedge Shape Design Speaker Pole Mount Fly Points Pass Thru Allows for Connection of Multiple Units

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MSPA5 100-Watt Powered Micro Spot Personal Monitor near-field vocal monitor with EQ

The Powered Micro Spot model MSPA5, incorporates design features of it both its big & little brother, the Powered Hot Spot & Powered Nano Spot, maintaining a similar compact design.  The Micro Spot Series is designed to be used in a wide array of applications: churches, schools, courtrooms, fixed installations, or on stage. The Galaxy Audio MSPA5 is powered by an internal 100-watt amplifier, delivering quality sound through the specially designed 5" full-range speaker. This portable powered active speaker provides superior vocal clarity. The Powered Micro Spot will accept mic or line level with its XLR (+48V phantom power), 1/4", or 1/8" input. Volume and EQ controls are conveniently located on the front of the portable powered active speaker. Additionally, the Galaxy Audio MSPA5 has an indicator for the built-in compressor/limiter, which helps prevent overdriving of the speaker and distortion. The Powered Micro Spot can be mounted to a mic stand or be wall/ceiling mounted with the included hardware. 100 Watts 5" Ceramic Driver Freq. Response 160Hz - 20kHz Sensitivity: 88dB, 1 W @ 1 m Max SPL 108dB Input Connections: Mic Line, XLR, 1/4" & 1/8" High Impact ABS Plastic 20dB Pad 2 Band EQ Built-in Compressor +48V Phantom Power Internal Power Supply Stand/Wall Mount Bracket Included

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NSPA Nano Spot Professional Portable Nano Sizes Powered PA Speaker

The Galaxy Audio NSPA professional portable nano speaker is the smallest member of the Hot Spot family. Featuring a 3" driver, it has three inputs on the rear panel: XLR, 1/4", and 1/8" stereo summing. With 24V Phantom power, a 20dB pad, and built-in compressor, you can go directly into the Nano Spot from your source or microphone. The NSPA public address speaker can be used in call centers, computer monitoring, around bars or covered patios in restaurants, and many other applications. Non-wet locations. 25 Watts 3" Ceramic Driver Freq. Response 150Hz - 17kHz Sensitivity: 85dB, 1 W @ 1 m Max SPL 101.5dB Input Connections: One XLR Balanced, One 1/4" Unbalanced, One 1/8" Stereo Summing 20dB Pad Two Band EQ With Center-Detent Controls Built-in Compressor 24Vdc Phantom Power 18Vdc Power Supply Stand/Wall Mount Included

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HS7 Hot Spot The Original Personal Monitor for Live Stage Near-Field Vocal Monitoring

The HOT SPOT monitor series has been the world’s number one personal monitor since it's invention in 1970. There are two basic concepts that have led to the continued success of the HOT SPOT. The first concept was to bring the monitor closer to the performer. Second, was to create an unpowered PA monitor speaker that projects mid/high range frequencies; a frequency tailoring that Galaxy Audio calls, controlled bandwidth. By bringing the monitor closer, the stage volume can be reduced, which, in turn, helps clean up the front of house mix. The Galaxy Audio Hot Spot HS7 has integrated volume control that allows the performer to have more control over his/her volume and to hear the other musicians on stage. 200 Watt Power Handling Freq. Response 150Hz - 18kHz Sensitivity: 94dB, 1 W @ 1 m (1 kHz octave band) 16 Ohm Cabinet with Two NEOLITE 5" Drivers Two NEOLITE Neodymium, Ferrofluid Cooled 5" Drivers Input Connections: Two Twist-Lock / 1/4" Combo Jacks (wired in parallel) 7 Position Volume Control Full on to -18dB in 3dB steps High Impact ABS Plastic Integrated Handle Mounting Points for Mic Boom Adapter and Bracket Mounts to Most Mic Stands MSA-1 Stand Adaptor Included 

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MS5 - 100 Watt passive studio and stage personal vocal monitor with a volume control

The MICRO SPOT® MS5 is a smaller alternative to the HOT SPOT® series speakers. Its small footprint combined with its vocal clarity allows it to be placed in tight areas while maintaining clarity. The MS5 is an unpowered passive studio and stage monitor that comes standard with a 7-position volume control switch. This allows the user to independently adjust their own volume without affecting the other monitors. The MS5 can be mounted (mounting bracket included) on a microphone stand or to the wall for fixed installation. This allows the user to position the MS5 closer to the user than a conventional floor monitor, for better clarity and less feedback. However, the wedge-shaped design allows the MS5 to be placed on the floor or on a keyboard. The MS5 Micro Spot is based on the original personal monitor. Designed with the familiar look and feel of the dual driver HS7 Hot Spot, the Wall and stand mount bracket is included and allows for easy positioning on any mic stand or permanent installation. The MS5 is great for keyboard players, drummers, singers, and many other applications. 100 Watt Power Handling 5" Ceramic Driver Freq. Response 150Hz - 15kHz Sensitivity: 88dB, 1 W @ 1 m Max SPL 108dB Input Connections: Two parallel 1/4" Jacks allow for daisy chaining 7 Position Volume Control Full on to -18dB in 3dB steps High Impact ABS Plastic Increased Low-Frequency Response Stand/Wall Mount Bracket Included

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