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Sand/Water Bags

Saddle Bag Sand/Water Bag SDB40

The Saddle Bag Sand/Water Bag is designed to help improve the stability of speaker, keyboard, mic, lighting stands and many other types of stands. Also great as a boom counterweight. The Saddle Bag is constructed of a durable reinforced vinyl. When filled with sand (not included) the Saddle Bag weighs approximately 45 lbs and 28 lbs when filled with water. The filled Saddle Bag will help stabilize a top- heavy stand. Works great on keyboard, speaker, mic, lighting, and many other types of stands. Great for: bands, churches, theater, broadcast, recording & video production Dual wing design Nylon handle with clip May be filled with sand or water  Helps protect equipment from damage and keeps stands upright and stable Sand can be acquired at most home improvement centers, concrete supply warehouses, landscaping supply houses or a sand blasting supply company. Tip: Coarse dry commercial sand works best. Use a funnel for faster fills. Equipped with large 1-inch inner diameter plugs for ease of filling. WARNING 1. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use or misuse of the bag.  2. The water filled bag should not be used near electrical wiring.  3. Only dry sand should be used in a dry bag.  4. Water should not be left in the bag for long periods.  5. Do not subject the bag to freezing weather when filled with water.  6. The bag is not intended as a flotation device.

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Life Saver Sand/Water Bag LSR38

The Galaxy Audio Life Saver is a unique circular sandbag stand stabilizer that may be used in a variety of ways in Audio, Video, Lighting, and Theatre applications. Any mic or speaker stand may become unstable because of a top-heavy center of gravity, a boom extended laterally, or simply because the stand is set on an uneven surface. When filled with Sand or Water the Life Saver provides enough weight at the bottom to stabilize most mic and speaker stand applications. The shape of this circular sandbag stand stabilizer ensures that the Life Saver will stay on the base of the stand, even if the stand is pushed or bumped. The LSR38 weighs 38 lbs. when filled with sand, and 22 lbs. when filled with water. The durable, reinforced vinyl material and easy-fill water-tight design allow the user to transport this circular sandbag stand stabilizer empty, and fill on location. The LSR38 dimensions are: 16" O.D. x 6" I.D. x 3" Thick. The Life Saver will pay for itself the first time it prevents your expensive mics or speakers from hitting the floor. (Sand/water not included) May be filled with sand or water  Protects mics and speakers from damage Helps keep microphone, speaker and lighting stands upright Sand/Water not included Unique doughnut shape keeps bag on the stand

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