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Rackmount Series

RM10 Mixer

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The RM-10 mixer is designed with the contractor in mind. Easy to install in any application, the single rack space mixer provides a total of 10 input channels: 8 mic or line level inputs, two stereo inputs, and a front mounted 1/8" jack for use with a computer or MP3 player. The 10 signal presence LEDs ensure that the proper level of signal is being received by the mixer, while the segmented Output Meter allows easy monitoring of the level leaving the RM-10. Mic or line level outputs make going to another mixer or amplifier easy, and the link connection ensures expanding your inputs simple. Other features include phantom power and pad switches on all mic/line inputs. 10 Input Rack Mount Mixer Eight Mic/Line inputs with Phoenix Block Connectors  Two Stereo RCA Summing Inputs One 1/8" stereo on front panel Mic and Line Level outputs 10 Signal Presence LED's 10 Segment LED Output Meter

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