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THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. In 2007 Galaxy Audio introduced the Traveler Series with the TV8. The TV5 is the second newest addition to the Traveler Series. The TV5 is perfect for installed or portable applications. With its 30watt built in amp and compact size, the TV5 is perfect for projecting sound in a classroom and with its internal battery, it can still be used to make announcements during an emergency. The TV5 is customizable with up to 2 wireless mic receivers or a USB/MP3 player. The standard TV5 comes with the 30 watt amp, ¼" mic input, mic volume control, master volume control, bass & treble adjustment, 1/8" aux in & out, built in battery, full range 5" speaker, and built in carry handle. Small in size for portability or fixed installation Built in battery (runs off of battery or AC) 30 watt power amp SD Card/USB/MP3 player option Mic stand mount socket 5" Full Range 1/8" AUX IN/OUT, AUX in w/ Volume1/4" Mic Input w/ Volume Control Master Volume Control Tone Control Universal Power Supply/Charger Runs 4 to 6 hours from Battery (4 hours recharge)

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THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The AS-TV4 is a compact PA system. This unit can be placed on a table top, be clipped onto a belt or pants, or carried in the convenient carry bag. The AS-TV4 is a 10 watt system available with a wired headset. The AS-TV4 is great in the classroom, tour guide, museum, etc. It can be run off of AA batteries or plug into the wall. Small in Size for Portability Headset Mic Included Functions with 6 AA Batteries or AC Power (Batteries Not included) Included Headset Mic: Lightweight Can be Integrated with Other Systems Flexible or Fixed Cord Length: 36 in. Compact One-Size Fits Most

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TV8 v1

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED AND REPLACED BY THE TV8 version 2. The Galaxy Audio Traveler (TV8) is an AC/battery operated portable PA system. This compact system features an 8" woofer, 1" horn, 50-watt amplifier, and can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs.  Features of the standard Traveler include: 2 Inputs (XLR/1/4" combo with its own volume control and a dual RCA), 2 Band EQ, and a Master Volume. Audio Outputs include a dual RCA Line Out and a 1/4" Speaker Output to power an additional speaker. The Universal Power Supply/Battery Charger allows the Traveler to be used anywhere in the world.  The Traveler will operate for an unlimited time on AC power and for about 6 hours on just battery power. A full recharge of the batteries takes about 4 hours. The Traveler may be operated while recharging the batteries without affecting the charge time. If a power failure occurs when operating on AC, the Traveler will seamlessly switch over to battery power.  The Traveler has a unique “plug in” modular design, which allows optional Function Modules to be easily added or removed. Optional Modules include Wireless Mic Receivers (with Handheld, Headset, Pendant & Lapel options), Bluetooth® receiver, a CD/MP3 player, and an Audio Link Module, which wirelessly transmits the entire audio mix from one Traveler to any number of satellite Travelers. Since all the Modules are internally wired, no external patching is necessary.  The durable ABS enclosure features a convenient carry handle and a provision for standard pole mounting. The Traveler is designed for people who need a portable, lightweight, “all in one” PA system that allows for a quick and uncomplicated setup. Built-in Battery and Charger 80 watts Amplifier 8" Woofer/1" Horn Speaker Output XLR Mic in w/ Volume Control RCA Mic in w/ Volume Control RCA Line Out Master Volume Control Universal Power Supply Runs 4 to 6 Hours Speaker Stand Mount

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THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The TV5i is part of the Traveler Series by Galaxy Audio. The Traveler Series is a line of powered speakers with built in batteries. All models in the Traveler Series can be run from either AC or the built-in battery. Most Traveler Series products are configurable to include built in CD/media players, UHF wireless microphones, Bluetooth® receiver, or Audio Link Transmitter. Each item is built to order. Travelers are designed to be portable and used in a wide array of applications, like classrooms, churches, meeting rooms, graveside, auctions, among many others. The TV5i has a built in 40 watt power amplifier with a 5" woofer and 1" tweeter and two band EQ. The TV5i features a convenient built in Bluetooth® receiver. This offers a convenient way to connect an MP3 player, wirelessly, to the TV5i for music playback. The TV5i, like other models in the Traveler Series, can be configured with up to two UHF wireless receivers. Each UHF receiver has two different handheld mics and two body pack transmitters to choose from. There is also an optional MP3 player available which can play MP3s from USB or SD card. The TV5i has built in XLR/1/4" combo jack with volume control, 1/8" input and output, and 4 bar battery level indicator. The built in Voice Priority, when activated, will lower the volume of the music when it receives a signal from a wireless or handheld microphone. This is convenient as you will not need to adjustment the volume of your music when needing to make announcements. The TV5i is constructed from durable plastic and can be on a table top, or set on an optional tripod stand. The TV5i has a built in handle for easy transport. The TV5i weighs about 8lbs. An optional carrying bag is available. 40 Watts/60 Watts Peak 5" Neodymium Woofer and 1" Tweeter Built-in Battery and Charger Up to 3 Wireless Microphones Optional XLR / 1/4" Combo Microphone Input 1/8" Output Master Volume Control Built-in Bluetooth® Receiver Optional Media Player Universal Power Supply Four-bar battery indicator Voice Priority Small in Size for Portability Battery Operation: 6.5-11 hours Tripod/Mic Stand Mount

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