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Speaker Accesories

RM-CASSP Cassette Player

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The RM-CASSP will play standard audio cassettes. The player features Auto Reverse, Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause, & Power Buttons, as well as, a Volume Control. Auto Reverse Volume Control Power Button Pause Button Tape Counter

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RM-CASS Cassette Player/Recorder

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The RM-CASS will play and record standard audio cassette tapes. This sophisticated player/recorder can be set in 1 of 3 different modes for playing: Auto Reverse plays both sides continuously; Two Way Auto Stop plays both sides and then stops; and One Way Auto Stop plays one side and then stops.   The RM-CASS can also skip ahead to the next track (like a CD). There are two options for recording; One Way Auto Stop & Two Way Auto Stop. The RM-CASS has a built in counter for locating tracks. Auto Reverse Volume Control Records & Plays Cassettes One Way Auto Stop Auto Song Search Tape Counter Records from Stereo Line Inputs

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THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The RM-CDAF CD player will play burned CDs in both wave and MP3 format plus accepts USB AND SD formats. Functions include Power, Play, Pause, Stop, Eject, & Track selection. This unit also has an AM/FM tuner so that users can listen to their favorite local radio station. The RM-CDAF also comes with a remote control. CD/MP3 Player LCD Display Volume Control Track Selector Play, Pause, Stop Function Anti-shock CD USB SD Card Reader AM / FM Tuner Remote Control

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RM-DIGIREC Digital Recorder

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. One Galaxy Audio RM-DIGIREC, digital recorder, can be installed into the RM2, rack mount chassis along with one of the other modules. The RM-DIGIREC records to 44.1KHz MP3 format. The unit has an internal Flash memory, which will record about 2 hours of Stereo audio. An SD card can also be inserted (up to a 1 GB) for longer record time (about 16 hours of stereo audio). The front panel of the unit has two ¼” Mic level inputs for recording from the front. Also located on the front panel are all function selection buttons (play, pause, stop, repeat, etc.)   The RM-DIGIREC is great for many applications, including: recording a church service, then downloading to a computer for posting on the web or recording CDs, recording corporate or government meetings, or simply for playback. Records to Digital MP3 Compression Format Sample Rate 44.1KHz Internal 128MB Flash Memory (Records about 2 hours) Records on SD Card (Up to 1 GB Approx. 16 hours) USB Connector for File Transfer to or From PC 5 EQ Modes Headphone Output Two ¼" Mic Inputs (L/R) w/ Record Volume Control Also Records from Stereo Line in Jacks on Chassis Rear

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THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The RM-TUNER Digital AM/FM tuner has a range of FM 87.5 MHz-108 MHz/ AM 530 MHz-1720 MHz. The RM-TUNER can be used worldwide. There are 20 programmable stations to memory; 10 AM stations, and 10 FM stations, sleep function (90 minutes-10 minutes). The RM-TUNER will also retain it settings when power is turned off or lost and has a volume control located on the front of the unit. AM/FM Digital Tuner 20 Station Memory Presets (10 AM/10 FM) LCD Display Sleep Function Station Scan Search

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RM2 Rack Mount

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The Rack Mount Players & Recorders line from Galaxy Audio is a diverse line of CD Players, Digital Recorders, Cassette Players, and AM/FM tuners. Various combinations of two modules can be installed into our single space RM2 rack chassis. The RM2 supplies power and provides useable rear panel inputs and outputs to the modules. The RM2 features Dedicated Stereo RCA Outputs for each Module, a Priority Stereo RCA Output, a Stereo RCA Input for recording, and AM and FM antenna terminals. The RM2, because of its two dedicated stereo outputs, means that the installed modules can be used as two separate devices in a single rack space. Applications include having the RM2 equipped with two modules for 2 zones in a restaurant, school, church, etc. The stereo priority output allows both modules to appear at a single stereo output. One module is assigned as the priority unit. As soon as that particular unit produces a signal it will override the other unit. Also, as soon as the priority is no longer producing a signal, the secondary unit will takeover. Since two devices are served by a single stereo output, the priority feature also helps conserve mixer input channels. The RM2 also features a universal power supply for use with AC anywhere in the world plus a 12vDC screw terminal power input. Single Rack Space Holds up to 2 Modules Supplies Power for 2 Modules 2 Individual Outputs/1 Priority Output Stereo Line Inputs for Recording AM/FM Antenna Input

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