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Lapel/Lavalier Mics Parts & Accessories


This uni-directional lavalier mic comes standard with the ECM, PSE, TRC, DHT, DHX, CTS, & Traveler Lavalier Systems. The LV-U3BK can be wired to work with transmitters made by Galaxy Audio®, Shure®, Sennheiser®, AKG®, and Audio Technica®, as well as most other brands of wireless microphone systems. Uni-Directional Lapel / Lavalier

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LV13-UBK Uni-Directional Lav

This uni-directional lavalier mic comes as a standard option with the EDX Lavalier Systems. ●  Uni-Directional ●  Lapel / Lavalier ●  Standard with EDX

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