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Meet PictureYes

PictureYes is notorious for their energetic shows and big guitar sound. This American rock band exploded onto the modern rock scene with its Seether meets The Cure hard rock sound, melodic hooks and catchy guitar rifts.

Equipment Used

More About PictureYes

PictureYes hails from Indianapolis and has opened for some of the rock greats, including Bush, AWOL Nation, Soundgarden, Hinder, Saliva, Sick Puppies and many more. Their debut album Rival, takes rock to a new level, one where the past meets the present in its core definition. With catchy melodies and incredible songs, PictureYes takes its audience on a journey where they can’t help but be moved by the music. 

PictureYes holds fast through all the musical fads and trends that so many modern rock bands succumb to. They stand above the crowd because they are still vital. PictureYes believes that rock n roll is STILL rock n roll, regardless of how you slice it, what sticker you put on it, or what pretty face is used to sell it.

Band Members


Justin Escue


Steve Wallace


Mike Parson

Lead Guitar

Lindsay Manfredi