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Tonic Zephyr

Tonic Zephyr


Reminiscent of Rock classics Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Heart, Psych-Rock band Tonic Zephyr delivers a bone shaking wall of live sound. Front woman Madi Gold’s lyrics project ominously over the band’s progressive guitar riffs, melodic bass lines, and unwavering beat, leading spectators on a journey through the stratosphere as she touches down on Earth with a quake. Drawing infinite inspiration from the limitless cosmos, Tonic Zephyr’s message to the world can be summed up into a few simple words: a trip to remember.

Madi Gold and lead Guitarist JT Loux formed the band in early 2016, releasing their first album as Tonic Zephyr in 2017. After welcoming in Reilly Olsen (bass) and Andy Nathan (drums) in 2019, the band’s vision evolved, and they began working on their next album, being produced by Hannon Media Group (with Frank Hannon from Tesla), to be released in 2019, inundated with the youthful angst of the next generation of Psychedelic Rock and Roll.

This Cali grown 4-piece has shared the stage with Frank Hannon and Jeff Keith of Tesla, Twanna Turner, Keith St. John, Pat Martin’s Allstar Band, Buddy Guy’s Band, Pat Travers, Trapt, and the award winning Greg Golden Band. The band’s reputation for energizing and mystifying their audience has led them to stages such as the Ace of Spades, Opera House Saloon, Harlow’s, Holy Diver, and The Boardwalk.

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Culture Rock Media Review

“TZ brought a lot of energy to the stage… The virtuosity and creativity of the rhythm section was especially noteworthy, and Reilly Olsen’s fingers climbed all over his bass fretboard like a crazed spider. Lead guitarist JT Loux demonstrated his own exceptional guitar skills as he laid it all down in a wall of sound, adding tasteful, well-phrased solos, delicate riffs and bluesy shreds… Their songs have interesting, entrancing lyrics written by Madi and delivered with style and passion, and studied arrangements with space for artful guitar parts to float over steady rhythms. The onstage action was fun to watch too as the band always puts on a good show. Madi easily engaged the crowd, which clearly appreciated the performance.”

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Band Members

Tonic Zephyr

JT Loux

Lead guitarist
Tonic Zephyr

Madi Gold

Front Woman
Tonic Zephyr

Reilly Olsen

Tonic Zephyr

Andy Nathan