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CPTS Cricket

The CRICKET Polarity/Continuity tester is great for sound contractors, musicians, DJs, and many others. Polarity, should it become reversed, can play havoc with a sound system. If two sources are emitting the same electrical or acoustic tone (frequency), and one of those sources is in a state of inverted polarity, those tones, when combined at a given point, will cancel each other. This severely alters the sound of a system. Polarity can be reversed while soldering cables, adding components to a sound system, reversing 'Banana' plugs, or replacing a component in a speaker cabinet improperly, to name a few instances. The purpose of the CRICKET is to test the polarity of a sound system each time it is used to insure it is working properly. Galaxy Audio's battery powered CRICKET Polarity/Continuity Test Set makes it easy to determine whether every component in an audio system from patch bay to console to speakers is in or out of polarity. The CRICKET tests balanced and unbalanced cables of up to 2,000 feet in length. It will drive a “snake” (even one with transformers), and indicate which of a microphone's XLR connector pins is hot. The CRICKET can also plug directly into a speaker cabinet and drive the components. A glance at the CRICKET's red and green LED's can save hours of troubleshooting. No wonder it's an indispensable tool for sound system owners, operators, installers, and sound rental companies. The CRICKET Polarity Tester is a two-piece unit ('Send' & 'Receive'). The Send unit generates a 'pulse', which is sent through the speaker, cable, microphone, or the device being tested. The Receive unit interprets that pulse and indicates if that pulse is positive or negative. The bottom of each unit has a quick reference guide on how to understand the readings given. The CRICKET Polarity Test Set is easy to use, necessary to own, and not a lot of money. The CRICKET is suggested for anybody working with sound systems. Checks continuity and polarity 1/4" TRS and XLR in/out  Tests speakers, mics, cables and wireless systems Tests mixers and signal processors for polarity inversions Internal speaker for testing mic polarity Internal mic for testing speakers High level output for testing miles of cable Battery test on Receive module saves troubleshooting time "The Galaxy Audio Cricket is a life saver- allowing simple or very complex systems to be checked for phase all along the signal path. The Cricket has been in my toolkit for over 20 years and during that time has checked and helped me phase multiple amplifier stacks for Megadeth, White Zombie, Stephen Stills, Bon Jovi, E Street Band, Paul Simon and The Who. We have also used it to solve the "mysteries"of rental equipment and house PA's sometimes finding simple cabling faults which had remained undiscovered for years. When all your "stuff" works together, it works it's best." - Michael Kaye, Touring Guitar Technician

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