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Wireless Parts & Accessories

Single Rack Ear Kit MRE900/1100

2 pieces w/ screws Mounts one AS-900 or one AS-1100 Receiver Allows for Front Mounting Antenna 1 Rack Space

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Plastic case holds up to 5 Body Pack Transmitters and/or Receivers. Foam insert is cut to securely protect each unit.

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EB3 Sleeves

Replacement Sleeves for EB3 Earbuds. 5 pair in each pack. Available in Small, Medium, or Large.

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The EB3 are the standard Earbuds for the Galaxy Audio Wireless Personal Monitors.  The EB3 includes three pairs of Silicon sleeves (small, medium, and large) for fit and comfortable use.  The EB3 Earbuds have a standard 3.5mm stereo jack, allowing them to be used with any brand of Wireless Personal Monitor or MP3 Player.

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